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Year 6 Zebras - Mr P. Harrison 

Mr Harrison is the Zebras class governor this year. The class wrote to Mrs Harrison to tell him about what year 6 have done so far this year. We also invited him to spend the afternoon with us when we had our Spanish afternoon. He came and looked at all the Spanish projects the children had done for homework. He was also a judge in our Paso Doble dance off. We really enjoyed spending the afternoon with him. Here is the letter that Leon and Ben wrote to him on behalf of the Zebras.  

Dear Mr Harrison,

 We are writing to you because you are our class governor and we would like to tell you what we have done so far this year in the Zebras.

 This half term we have been learning about The Greeks, mostly about Greek myths. In English we had the opportunity to write our own Greek myth: one of the myths we looked at was called ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’. In maths we have looked at angles, formal written methods, mental methods and even had the chance to use a compass to draw a circle with a set radius (the part that goes from the outside of the circle all the way to the diameter). In art we have really enjoyed practising pencil patterns/skills. We drew pictures of our own Greek monsters and used our pencil skills to fill the drawing in with lots of creative patterns. Since it is arts fortnight we have been learning about Spain and two amazingly famous Spanish artists-Pablo Picasso and Antonio Gaudi. We are designing our own Picasso faces that are typically not symmetrical and are made out of lots of different shapes or objects. Also, Gaudi was an architectural mastermind. He designed very unusual buildings with patterns, various colours, mosaics and shapes. We are in the process of creating our own architectural masterpieces.

4 weeks ago there was the overwhelming experience of Kingswood Residential Centre. We rock climbed to extreme heights and abseiled back down. In our rooms it was quite fun. We zip wired from 40 ft high, some people had to conquer their fears. Another one of the activities was orienteering: our group was spilt into two then we had to see which team could find all the letters first. Also we did archery which was an extravagant experience. Tyler and Josh were particularly good at hitting the target. Surprisingly, we got to play football in one of our breaks. There were so many awesome activities. Another one of them was laser tag and aero-ball. This activity was the most popular out of all of them. 

As we are learning about Spain, on Friday the 18 th of November we are having a Spanish afternoon. On behalf of the Zebras class we would like to invite you to a Spanish afternoon. We hope you can come.

Yours Sincerely,

Ben  and Leon

(on behalf of all the Zebras)